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About Us

Our Story How it all began

Once upon a time, maybe thirty, maybe more, years ago, from the Mediterranean ambience of Lebanon, Sam and Georges Homsi, owners of Cousin’s, arrived to America to fulfill their dreams of happiness and prosperity.  George Abraham, a first cousin to Sam and Georges’ grandfather, supported and encouraged their aspirations. 

Sam’s self-realization began with the spirits industry.  Georges took the path of education and became a part of this community by pursuing degree in Math & Statistics from McNeese State University.  Through his infinite generosity, Mr. Abraham assisted Georges and Sam and referred to them as “cousin.”  This designation caught on, and very soon Abraham’s employees also started calling Sam and Georges “cousin.”  So immeasurable and indispensable was Mr. Abraham’s support to Georges and Sam that they decided to emulate and cherish Mr. Abraham, their boss and mentor, by referring to those they revere as “cousin.”

“Cousin’s” is a tribute to George Abraham without whose help and inspiration Sam and Georges’ dreams would have stayed just that – dreams.  Thus, the term “cousin” signifies a special relationship and denotes appreciation and gratitude.  Sam and Georges are distinctly aware that without their friends and customers their dreams would be impossible to fulfill.  That is why they feel personal attachment to all of their friends, patrons, and customers.